Level up your live shows

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Whether you're a seasoned performer or just starting out, these 3 tips can make a world of difference!

Whether you're a seasoned performer or just starting out, these 3 tips can make a world of difference ! 🏆

1️⃣ Energize Your Stage Presence

Your energy on stage can be infectious. The crowd is going to reflect your energy so you have to build a really deep connection with them. If you want to have an emotional show, be emotional and vulnerable. For a crazy show, make sure to bring the enthusiasm on stage. Do it first and the people will follow you. Move around, engage with the crowd, call people by their shirts, make them privileged, connect with them with direct eye contact and let your passion shine through. Creating a dynamic and captivating performance starts with you and your connection to the music. Let's turn that stage into your playground!

2️⃣ Keep your setlists short

Creating a memorable setlist is an art. Think about the flow of your songs – build anticipation, vary the energy, and consider the emotional journey you want your audience to experience. Craft a setlist that tells a story through your music. If you can go out there and kill it for 20 minutes, people will be excited to await your next show whereas with a 2 hours long setlist, they will surely be bored. Remember that the average attention span is 20 to 45 minutes... And it tends to decrease quickly! 📉

3️⃣ Include a cover

This is, to me, the greatest way to connect with the crowd, make your set memorable, get people singing along and make them involved.

All of this obviously doesn't work without hard work, lots of rehearsals (there is never enough of that), personal practice and impeccable organization (we can definitely help you on that point!). Also note that there are professional stage coaches. They could give you the perspective that you can’t have by yourself.It will help you build your show and get your message across as clearly as possible 🎸🤘